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NaNoWriMo Week 2 ROUNDUP

Doing NaNo while sick is no joke! This month has brought a whole unique set of challenges, but I have to say, being a rebel has taken a lot of the pressure off to perform while also trying to get well.

That being said, here’s the roundup for Week 2!


  1. Edited 10+ chapters of Dream Reaper


  1. Words Edited: 78203/118,392

  2. Goal Wordcount: <115k

  3. Scenes added: 0

  4. Scenes deleted: 0


  1. Got the wordcount down to 118k!

  2. Made it past the Hero’s Choice moment where the plot truly takes off.

  3. Made significant progress once I was past the Hero’s Choice.


  1. Realized that a certain character and a certain arc need major tightening up to make them truly significant to the plot.

Week 3 Goals:

  1. Figure out how to make the Character and Arc above have more of a role and necessity to the story.

What are your goals for Week 3, everyone? Leave a comment so we can cheer you on!!

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