Welcome to the resource library!

The writing process and industry navigation can be a difficult, confusing, and scary adventure at times. My goal with this resource page is to shed some light on different aspects of the writing life via tools, tips, and hacks to help YOU feel more confident and better-equipped on your journey! 

Please feel free to contact me with any resource suggestions you would find useful!

Editing: Words to Cut
A crash course on words and phrases to cut from your manuscript
Beta Reader Questions
A helpful list of questions to ask your beta readers!
Creating Platform
Check out this informational packet with tips on building your author platform!
Building Community
Check out this informational packet on how to build community around your author platform!
IngramSpark Preorders
Confused by the IngramSpark preorder process? Check out this guide on how to enable preorders in 5 easy steps!!
Self Publishing Checklist
A quick and easy guide for last-minute cross-checking before you publish
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