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Welcome to the bookshelf - the perfect place to find your next fantasy read!

My books are fantasy ranging from Young Adult to Adult and generally feature adventure, mystery, powerful heroines, found families, and life changing lessons for those in and beyond the target audience.

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The Chaos Circus

All Tessa LaRoche wants is to be the most ordinary person on Barrow Island. After a stint in a mental asylum, she's had quite enough of being anything else, thank you very much. But when a commission at her new reporting job forces her into the path of a not-quite-human murder suspect and the demented Circus to which he is bound, Tessa finds the unordinary is not through with her yet.

Final Cover FRONT_edited.jpg


A Princess. An Outlaw. An Alliance That Will Change Everything. 

Cistine Novacek was content with a quiet life of books and tea - before her father's secret war council.


What began with a threat of war becomes a saga unfolding - a princess discovering her warrior's spirit, her queenly destiny, and the truth of who she is. Across a lovely and dangerous land where beasts and dragons roam and  the young legends are as cruel as the old, Cistine and her allies wage battle against ruthless foes seeking to rule everything they hold dear.

The adventure has just begun.

Darkwind eBook.jpg


An Heiress. An Assassin. A Quest for Vengeance.


They say if you want a job done properly, don’t do it yourself; hire a Blessed to do it for you.

When the kingdom of Erala found itself full of humans exceptionally talented in various arts, they were revered as saviors. Centuries later, they’re no more than slaves. For the right amount of gold, a Blessed can make you rich. It can build you a mansion. It can turn your debts to sums.

But when wealthy heiress Elynor of Bast hires a Blessed assassin to avenge her father's death, their ensuing partnership leads them to uncover a plot far more sinister than the act of murder for which Elynor first hired him.


Together with a band of unlikely allies scattered across two lands, they alone may be able to prevent a violent war.

This dark alliance eBook.jpg


Let me tell you a story...


TALES OF WONDER AND WOE is a romantic fantasy series of sequential standalones. Each one follows a new narrator on an unforgettable adventure.



Spanning across countries full of myth and magic, storytelling and seafaring, and full of breathtaking adventure, swoony romance, and themes of growth, faith, love, and deep friendship, these tales twine the lives of powerful people and the bonds and stories that shape them.

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