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Camp Nano – To Infinity…and Beyond

How did a month pass so quickly? There’s only one full day of NaNo left!

As you cobble together your final wordcount, as you hit “validate,” as you collect the delicious winner goodies, remember…writing is more than what you make of it in a month. Writing is a bigger and more beautiful venture than what any NaNo event can contain.

Your story doesn’t end here. You don’t have to end here.

Whether you met your goal or not, even if you far exceeded or fell short, that is not what’s most important. NaNo was just a springboard, a structure to help you develop consistency and good habits while drafting. Writing goes on without it – don’t stop just because the month is over. Take the good habits and routine you’ve built, and apply them forward. Whatever momentum you’ve begun, even if it’s only a little bit, stay with it.

Persevere. Endure. Put words to the page. Turn your 5k into 50k, your 50k into 100k. Turn your first draft into a second. Turn your edits into improvements. Turn your book into a manuscript.

Keep. Going. It doesn’t have to end here.

You were capable of one month. Imagine what you can do with twelve. Imagine what you can do with a lifetime of writing.

Your story needs to be told. And as we all cross the finish line of NaNo together, my encouragement to you is this:

Never stop writing.

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