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Camp NaNo Kickoff!

NaNoWriMo season has begun! In November 2009, I remember hitting a serious low point in my writing. I had no inspiration, no direction, and little hope for the future of my craft. Thank God for a friend who introduced me to National Novel Writing Month. I hadn’t enjoyed writing so much in years!

But as much as I love NaNo November, there’s something special about Camp. Maybe’s it’s the “wilderness retreat” feeling. Maybe it’s the camaraderie among cabinmates. Or maybe, like the first blooms of spring, it’s what makes the year’s possibilities for writing seem most abundant, most electrifying, most attainable.

As much fun as NaNo can be, it’s not without its daunting aspects! Whether you’re a 50k purist or a rebel, Camp NaNo presents challenging goals to fulfill. So, for the month of April, I’ll be dedicating each Sunday’s blog to NaNo encouragement and helpful resources. Check out some last-minute pre-camp work resources below!

PROMPT TABLE – Still scrambling for an idea? Use Google’s random number generator set between 1-100, pick the corresponding prompt from this table, and go wild! This is a great way to build backstory and character insight for an existing plot, or to launch an entirely new one!

MAP MAKER – Need an overworld map for your story so you can follow your characters wherever they go? Look no further than Inkarnate! With multiple landscaping customizations, town markers, and trees, mountains, and creatures to populate your world, you can build a publishing-worthy map in no time.

REFERENCE FOR WRITERS – This blog has everything. From character questionnaires, to grammatical insights, to the nitty-gritty on worldbuilding and backstory details, Reference for Writers has something for every writer, no matter what you may be searching for.

STORYBOARD PLANNING – Need help organizing your writing world? has got you covered, with great categories and streamlined layout to help you lay down characters, races, religions, places, and more!

What are some of YOUR favorite writing resources? Share them in the comments below!

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