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UPDATE: The Work/Life Balance


Life has been crazy lately – to put it lightly! In April, I was editing books, beta-reading books, working with industry professionals on next steps with self-publishing, going to writing workshops and spending every waking hour talking to two of my best friends – it’s been a whirlwind month!

Due to a highly-encouraged change recommended by my betas, I’ve had to revamp huge portions of the later books in Starchaser. I’ve hit a good stride in focusing on line edits on the earlier books during the workweek and then working new scene/revamps on the weekends, when I don’t have to rush out the door to work by 8:30. I’ve loved this schedule but MAN is it tough to make time for other things! I’ve scaled back somewhat on my social media presence and content creation for things like YouTube because of that; I’ve also decided to switch up my newsletter to quarterly and talking more about goal-setting/achievement.

In short: right now I’m more focused on interacting one-on-one with people and on the creation side of the writing business as opposed to banging out insane amounts of content for the marketing side of things.

I used to think that once you had a policy in place for platform expression, you HAD to stick with it. Whatever schedule you had, you were LOCKED IN once you started. What a relief to know that’s not the case! Life goes through stages and really, so will your process for providing content to your followers. What works in one season – for example, when you’re casually drafting or in final stages before a release – may not work when you’re editing a multibook series and beta reading.


My favorite part of self-publishing is that I’m my own boss. I can go at my own pace. I don’t have to kill myself to meet certain deadlines; if it’s affecting my mental health, I CAN CHANGE IT.

What a privilege. What a blessing. What a life!

Question of the Hour: What’s one thing you’ve changed for the sake of self care lately? How as it effected your outlook?

P.S. Stay tuned, guys. I have a huge announcement coming up that I am super excited to share. 😉

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