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Take the Time to Take Your Time

Burnout. It happens to all of us. From the successful multi-series published author to the first-time writer just starting out, burnout is like a cruel writer’s hazing we all have to endure. For some, it comes once in a project. For others, it’s many times. Some writers experience it on the first draft. Some on the second, third, fourth.

Sometimes, burnout just looks a lot like despair, like life taking over and knocking your WIP down the ladder of importance until it’s barely clinging to the bottom rung.

This week, I want to encourage you all to take the time to take your time with writing. To not rush in between errands and events. For some, this weekend is a three-day reprieve with Memorial Day in the mix. As much as you’re able between barbecues and pool time, open your writing device of choice and carve out some you-time, some story-time. Hang out with your characters. Relax within your own created world.

Unwind and enjoy your story, in whatever stress-free way you can.

Writing often has to take a backseat to other, time-sensitive matters of life. But that doesn’t mean it always should. Your craft is important. Your story is important. And the things you want to do with that story…those are important, too. So as I retreat into a five-day writing cave (extended vacation, woo-hoo!) I leave you all with this:

Find your retreat. Find your moment of silence. Take time for yourself and your story. And don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t deserve to do it.

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