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PUBLISHING NEWS: Fantasy Anthology!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been sitting on this announcement for a good while now, but I recently had another short story published in a fiction anthology!

Last year, Z Publishing Press approached me to write for their Emerging Authors of Indiana book; this year, I’m honored to have my story Boy Becomes Blade as part of their Emerging Fantasy Writers: Midwest Region collection!

Boy Becomes Blade was a very interesting and fun piece to write, and a story I adore. It follows the life of Lucian, a boy born within the confines of the magical Barricade, protected from the wicked creatures living in the outside world. But as age and experience lead Lucian to question everything – including the benevolence of their protectors and the nature of the outside world – he finds himself forced to choose his path:

To stay hidden – or risk everything to experience the world beyond the Barricade.

If you’re interested in reading this and other amazing fantasy works, check out the anthology available at the link below:

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