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March Goals + Content Posting Schedule

Wow! March already? When did that happen? 2019 feels both eternal and like it’s moving lightning fast so far. This is adulthood, right?

The cool thing about this month for me is that it’s the first one in a while where I truly feel like making goals! While I’ve already had to flex these a little since I announced them on my Instagram stories – for a good reason! – I’m just really glad I’ve come far enough away from and out of my depression from the fall that I’m actually able to PLAN again!

So without further ado, here’s what’s happening in March:

  1. The Chaos Circus Release! SHRIEK. It feels like so long ago that I announced my beautiful baby was going to be out in the world, and now, in just nine days, it will be going out to readers! I’m so blessed and SO EXCITED for this launch. And of course, nervous, too! But mostly excited. ❤

  2. NEW BLOG SCHEDULE. Beginning this month, I’ll be posting two blogs a month instead of four, and alternating the weeks with when I have YouTube content coming out. I always knew that I’d be reducing the number of blog posts once I got published, because a lot more of my time and energy will be going into the business side of things. I want to run my publishing business successfully, and that means diversifying how I provide content for my audience so that I can still provide quality content and also have time to write, edit, work with beta readers, do formatting passes, all that fun stuff!

  3. MENTAL HEALTH MONTH! With a book release, work stuff, and family life on my plate, I won’t be actively drafting much in March. I plan to do a good amount of editing, but after finishing TCotB, I know I need to step back for a bit!

  4. PREPPING FOR CAMP NANO. This is the one I’m the MOST excited about, honestly! I am so ready for Camp NaNo this year. It really feels like the start of spring to me when we’re all piled into virtual cabins, working away on our drafts. Anyone else participating?

So that’s a snapshot of what’s coming up in March! What do you guys have planned for this last stretch of winter?

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