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Claim the Quiet Victory

Most days, I love my writing routine. Out of bed by 4 a.m.. Sitting down with coffee to write at 4:30. (Yes, I’m one of those insane morning people. Yes, I actually ENJOY getting up that early. Yes, I have been tested to see if I am, in fact, a cyborg.)

But today was not a typical today. Today I was exhausted, grouchy, and taking it out on my characters.

And that’s okay.

Sometimes, I think people assume that if you love writing, it’s always fun. And maybe some writers are blessed with that glorious superpower, but, man, I am just not one of them. While even on the worst days, I can usually force a good 500 words…sometimes even that is too herculean an effort.

If you’re like me, you’ve had days like that. Day when you just do not feel it. Days when the words will not flow.

Fellow writer in the off-day trenches, I am here to tell you that I hear you. And that what you’re feeling is okay. You don’t have to love every single step of the journey. You don’t have to feel like The World’s Most Awesome Drafter each day. That doesn’t mean you’re not cut out to be a writer. It just means you’re human (though you’re welcome to check if you’re a cyborg, if need be. Hit me up, I have tips).

So, today, one exhausted, addle-brained, at-her-wits-end writer to another, let me say that I hear you. And that I’m telling you – and myself – that it’s okay. Take a breather. Walk the dog. Watch a movie. Read a book. Let your brain breathe. Try again tomorrow.

Today, I’m choosing not to beat myself up because I’m not inspired. Instead I’m practicing self care. Letting myself breathe. Tomorrow, I will win a different victory. Today’s victory is accepting when the journey is a quiet one.

Today, you can let yourself have the quiet victory, too.

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