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2018 Recap + 2019 Goals

It’s so hard to believe 2019 is only two days away!

This year has been a major roller coaster, to say the least. Starting in February with an enormous shake-up (that’s honestly still ongoing) at my workplace, my attention has been thoroughly divided. I’ve had to commit more to new roles at work while also trying to invest myself wholeheartedly in writing.

One thing I love to do at the end of every year is assess what I did and build my goals from there. So if you’re interested in finding out what progress looked like in Renee-land in 2018, and what I’m determined to do in 2019, read on!

In 2018, I successfully:

  1. Drafted the bulk of Starchaser – Books 3, 4, and 5, and the conclusive novella.

  2. Drafted The Chaos Circus

  3. Edited Tales from the Prospects (5 books)

  4. Edited Dream Reaper & Revenant King (duology)

  5. Successfully made the transition from traditional to indie publishing goals and launched The Chaos Circus down that road.

  6. Banded together with my writing group to form Cabin in the Woods, which helps promote indie-published books.

  7. Began work on The Curse of the Blessed.

There were also struggles; I got pretty badly sick twice this year, which made drafting Starchaser 4 in February and editing RK in November a nightmare. I’ve also had two major depressive/panic-heavy bouts, one of which lasted from early September through mid-November.

I try to be open about these depressive episodes because they are a part of my reality. Also because I got through both and had some truly incredible times this year, like a trip to Rochester with my mom; my first trip flying alone – to Florida! – to be with one of my best friends; a trip to Chicago with my husband, mom, brother, and our friends (my only regret being that I was in the same ROOM as one of my best Instagram friends and we just barely missed each other ;__;); and the fact that I’ve grown and matured many friendships, kicked butt with my writing group, and learned a deeper measure of my own strengths and weaknesses.

All of this in mind, here are my 2019 Goals!:

  1. Finish TCotB. No clue how long this will take as I’m traveling by headlights alone down this dark road. But I can say for sure I’m excited!

  2. Successfully launch TCC into the world. It’s been nice to let Chaos Circus rest while I work on other things, but the next three months will be full of updates and adventures, including: the eBook preorder launch (Jan), a month full of giveaways (Feb), and then, GASP, the actual release day in March!

  3. Plan my next title release and publication date.

  4. Read all the TBRs in my pile

  5. Improve my author platform – maybe even add Authortube to the mix! 😉

  6. Continue to learn, grow, and better myself and my craft.

No doubt this list will change as the year goes on. One thing 2018 taught me is that life is so unpredictable. In the course of a single day, everything can change. Realities you considered permanent and foundational may shift; people will come and go; you can go to bed happy one day and wake up in a mental state of fog and fear that lasts for months.


We humans are remarkably adaptable and ridiculously cool. We have an ingrained ability to find our footing and press on. So that’s my ultimate goal:

Whatever 2019 throws my way, I will plant my feet and keep fording the rivers of life.

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