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The fantasy CURSE OF THE BLESSED trilogy follows the gripping tale of a revenge-bound heiress in a world divided into masters and slaves, heretics and sacrosanct. When a daughter of the nobility hires an assassin imbued with the powers of death, it unleashes far more than a scheme for her own absolution. Secrets, lies, ambitions, and vengeance become an intricate web that may bring about the absolution she craves...or condemn her home and lands beyond to a terrible slaughter.

THE CURSE OF THE BLESSED is recommended for readers ages 18+, based on individual maturity. Some mature content includes mild fantasy swearing, action/wartime violence and gore, depictions of slavery, death, dementia, and intense grief.

The trilogy will release quarterly in 2023. Follow me on social media for frequent updates, insights, snippets, and more!

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An Heiress. An Assassin. A Quest for Vengeance.


They say if you want a job done properly, don’t do it yourself; hire a Blessed to do it for you.

When the kingdom of Erala found itself full of humans exceptionally talented in various arts, they were revered as saviors. Centuries later, they’re no more than slaves. For the right amount of gold, a Blessed can make you rich. It can build you a mansion. It can turn your debts to sums.

But when wealthy heiress Elynor of Bast arrives at the Sanctum of the Blessed, she isn’t looking for a tailor or a storyteller. She’s searching for a Blessed assassin.

It’s been months since anyone required Sharek’s murderous services. With Elynor’s contract, he sees a chance to be useful – and for freedom. But when the mark goes awry, Sharek and Elynor find themselves in possession of secrets that could lead their kingdom to war. In order to prevent it, a Blessed and his hirer must learn to work together—and in the journey, learn who they truly are.



A Trio of Fugitives. A Reckless Prince. A Mission for Salvation.

Cast out to sea, Elynor of Bast and her companions embark on a desperate quest. 

In order to save Sharek from a cruel death—and halt a war in the making—Elynor, Sharek, and Sylvester are bound for the wilds of faraway Orleth. But far more awaits on the kingdom’s mysterious shores than they could ever imagine; vicious raiders, uncharted wilds, and the depths of desperation, love, and sacrifice lie along the journey. When tragedy befalls and danger abounds, the unlikely trio finds not just aid from strange places, but hidden truths that will alter all they have understood of the past…and the course of their futures.

Prince Jamyson is a royal living impossible lies. 

While the kingdom of Erala bows before his infallible father and the Holy Throne, Jamyson knows of the treachery that lives in the halls of his home…and what he knows threatens what he holds most dear. When a mysterious message arrives from his childhood friend just as an unfamiliar face appears in court, spouting accusations and wielding dark schemes, it falls to Jamyson, his loyal servant, and the woman he loves to unravel the plot threatening the heart of their kingdom. 

Should any of them fail, it will mean war…and the end of Erala as they know it.

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