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Book 3  of The Starchaser Saga




Princess Cistine Novacek is a prisoner of Valgard.​

Facing unbearable loss and the revelation of her own formidable power, she battles her captor's cruel games in a fight to escape. Her only hope for survival lies in her own cunning, a surly guard, an imprisoned beast with his own reasons for seeking freedom, and an unexpected ally who will risk everything to bring her home.​

Tatiana and Quill are on the hunt. Far from the familiar, they search the shadowy corners of Valgard for their lost princess. But to rescue Cistine, they may be forced to pay a higher cost than either of them bargained for—a choice that unearths an old darkness lurking at the door of their kingdom, waiting to be let inside.

Banished for betrayal, Asheila Kovar hatches a daring plan to find the princess she’s sworn to protect. But a pair of unlikely companions will guide her on a journey she never expected, with enemies she never foresaw and revelations that will change her understanding of Talheim's past - and the course of all their futures.

Lines must be crossed. Lives must be given. Answers must be unveiled. And in order to thwart a tyrant's madness, sacrifices are demanded of the cabal…a price that will alter the fate of the Three Kingdoms forever.​

The Starchaser Saga III - NIGHTWING - Signed Copies

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