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Book 2 of The Starchaser Saga




A MISSING FRIEND. A HUNT FOR ANSWERS. A PATH TO VENGEANCE.​With her Warden stolen, her hopes of an easy alliance thwarted, and her trust in her own kingdom shattered, Princess Cistine Novacek faces her greatest challenge yet: using wit and steel to bring down a wicked Chancellor and prove herself to the cabal's tentative allies in the Courts. As friendships are tested, bonds broken, and love put to the test, the princess must face the growing threats within the Northern Kingdom – and learn to rise a queen.​Locked away in a desert prison, Asheila Kovar faces the struggle of her life: surviving the ruthless Blood Hive, returning to her princess, and avenging a betrayal against the heart of her kingdom. But there are more secrets and schemes than just hers lurking in the catacombs…and the struggle between powerful forces above and below the sands will test Ashe’s loyalty in dangerous ways.​Ways that may spell death for people the cabal cannot afford to lose.ess can't be forged into a fighter, her kingdom will fall.

The Starchaser Saga II - DAWNSTAR - Signed Copies

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