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Renee Dugan

Renee Dugan is an Indiana-based YA/NA author with a passion for encouraging and helping other writers on their journey to fulfilling their dreams.

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I'm so excited to share more about my newest book, DRAGONFIRE, with all of you!


This sixth book in the epic New Adult High Fantasy series THE STARCHASER SAGA follows the cabal as they fight to gather allies and prepare for the inevitable battle against the ruthless Bloodwights. 


With her cabal divided, a price on her head, and her power put to the test, Cistine leads the desperate search for Maleck with a kingdom's worth of enemies seeking them both. Finding him might be the key to winning the war. It might also spell Cistine's doom.


Risking uncharted territory, Ashe, Aden, and Kristoff seek aid from the dragon legions in wild Oadmark. Only they stand a chance of bringing down the enemy's abominable hordes. But to gain their alliance, Ashe must prove beyond all doubt who she is—as a warrior and as a Wingmaiden.


Amidst a storm of schemes, missing friends, broken hearts and uncertain horizons, the cabal faces the grim possibility of a world that can't be redeemed, and Cistine fights to carry the burden no one else does: the weight of the power in her veins, and a weapon that could turn the tide of the war.


A power that could demand her love, her cabal, and even her own life to save the kingdoms from destruction.

Click below to learn more about DRAGONFIRE, its predecessors DARKWIND, DAWNSTAR, NIGHTWING, LIGHTFALL, and BLOODSINGER, and buying options to dive into the STARCHASER Saga!



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