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Renee Dugan

Renee Dugan is an Indiana-based YA/NA author with a passion for encouraging and helping other writers on their journey to fulfilling their dreams.

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I'm so excited to share more about my newest book, LIGHTFALL, with all of you!


This fourth book in the epic New Adult High Fantasy series THE STARCHASER SAGA finds our heroes entering a new battlefield: a political one. Still battling the wounds of her imprisonment, and with her cabal at her side, Princess Cistine Novacek faces the daunting task of healing from her trauma and securing the treaty her kingdom needs…while in the shadows, sinister threats arise.​


A kingdom away, Ashe and Maleck walk a tenuous line. It’s dangerous enough convincing Mahasar’s Mad King of a treaty that doesn’t yet exist—harder still while battling their own specters and the disastrous attraction growing between them. The future of both kingdoms rests in the hands of two warriors who were once sworn enemies; if they can’t learn to be something more, together and apart, war may come before Cistine fulfills her mission.


Alliances shift. Old and new enemies storm the gates. Healing comes at a cost. And with their own fears threatening everything they hold sacred, the cabal must learn how to trust one another with an unshakeable faith.


Nothing less will survive the coming storm.

Click below to learn more about LIGHTFALL, its predecessors DARKWIND, DAWNSTAR, and NIGHTWING, and buying options to dive into the STARCHASER Saga!



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