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Renee Dugan

Renee Dugan is an Indiana-based YA/NA author with a passion for encouraging and helping other writers on their journey to fulfilling their dreams.

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I'm so excited to share more about my newest book, DAWNSTAR, with all of you!


This second book in the epic New Adult High Fantasy series THE STARCHASER SAGA continues the story of Princess Cistine. From naive, pampered princess to warrior-in-training, Cistine confronts the harrowing challenge of securing an alliance to defend her kingdom, while bringing down a corrupt politician intent on using her as leverage against the royal family.


While Cistine fights for her kingdom, her faithful Warden Ashe fights for survival. Thrown into a desert arena where prisoners are pitted against each other in gladiatorial matches, Ashe strikes a dangerous bargain with its Lord: uncover a secret plot and gain her freedom. But Ashe doesn't just want freedom...she wants revenge. And when the two intertwine, deadly consequences come into play.

Click to learn more about DAWNSTAR, its predecessor DARKWIND, and buying options to dive into the STARCHASER Saga!



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