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Book 7  of The Starchaser Saga






For a year, the Middle Kingdom and their Valgardan allies have followed Princess Cistine and Chancellor Thorne in battle again King Jad’s armies, waging the war none of them ever wanted to fight.


But it’s more than a war…it’s a game that’s entering its final stages.

The balance tips with the arrival of a mysterious Mahasari woman offering peace for a price—one the royal family is reluctant to pay. With their people in peril and the future unsure, the cabal divides on clandestine missions, fighting to weave a strategy that will save the kingdoms they love.


Spirits must be awakened. Schemes must be thwarted. Captives must be set free. And all the while an unseen danger stalks their heels, threatening to turn the tide in the enemy’s favor through one dark, fatal truth.


Winning the war between the Three Kingdoms may mean playing directly into Jad’s hands, pushing his game to a deadly and epic conclusion—one that will alter the course of Talheim’s destiny.  

The Starchaser Saga - WILDHEART (eBook)

  • The digital file provided is an epub file, which is compatible with many eReaders. If you require a different file type, please contact to request a different file format. 

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