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Book 1 of The Curse of the Blessed Trilogy




An Heiress. An Assassin. A Quest for Vengeance.


They say if you want a job done properly, don’t do it yourself; hire a Blessed to do it for you.

When the kingdom of Erala found itself full of humans exceptionally talented in various arts, they were revered as saviors. Centuries later, they’re no more than slaves. For the right amount of gold, a Blessed can make you rich. It can build you a mansion. It can turn your debts to sums.

But when wealthy heiress Elynor of Bast arrives at the Sanctum of the Blessed, she isn’t looking for a tailor or a storyteller. She’s searching for a Blessed assassin.

It’s been months since anyone required Sharek’s murderous services. With Elynor’s contract, he sees a chance to be useful – and for freedom. But when the mark goes awry, Sharek and Elynor find themselves in possession of secrets that could lead their kingdom to war. In order to prevent it, a Blessed and his hirer must learn to work together—and in the journey, learn who they truly are.

The Curse of the Blessed - THIS DARK ALLIANCE (eBook)

  • The digital file provided is an epub file, which is compatible with many eReaders. If you require a different file type, please contact to request a different file format. 

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