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Book 3 of The Curse of the Blessed Trilogy




A Blessed. A Hunter. A Fight for their Kingdom.


Shaken by ceaseless revelations reshaping everything they thought they knew of their world and themselves, Elynor, Sharek, and Sylvester take the political battleground of distant Orleth. Their aim: to halt a war. Their opponent: Rowan Varodan, now a trusted member of the Orlethian royalty. But confronting him proves a far different venture than any of them foresaw. In order to thwart the cunning killing Blessed and his unpredictable schemes, the trio must search the depths of themselves, face their veiled secrets, and prepare to risk—and lose—all they hold dear in the fight for Erala’s future.

Including their own lives.


Devastated by the deaths of his beloved siblings and his most trusted friend, Prince Jamyson throws caution to the wind in the struggle against sinister Gavannon al-Morral and his own father’s declining health. Yet as circumstances grow darker for Erala and war looms ever nearer on the horizon, Jamyson learns he still has more to lose…and that, to prevent his kingdom from falling to ruin, he may have to let go of the things he loves most and confront truths about his own past that will alter the very fate of Erala.


Two kingdoms teeter on the brink. And only the outcast and despised among them have any hope of sparing their beloved home from destruction.

The Curse of the Blessed - THIS CRUEL DAWN - Signed Copies

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