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An Heiress. An Assassin. A Quest for Vengeance.


They say if you want a job done properly, don’t do it yourself; hire a Blessed to do it for you.

When the kingdom of Erala found itself full of humans exceptionally talented in various arts, they were revered as saviors. Centuries later, they’re no more than slaves. For the right amount of gold, a Blessed can make you rich. It can build you a mansion. It can turn your debts to sums.

But when wealthy heiress Elynor of Bast hires a Blessed assassin to avenge her father's death, their ensuing partnership leads them to uncover a plot far more sinister than the act of murder for which Elynor first hired him.


Together with a band of unlikely allies scattered across two lands, they alone may be able to prevent a violent war.


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