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Why It’s Good to Breathe Between Projects

Right now, after a whirlwind year of first drafting a five part series, I find myself for the first time in twelve months without a concrete project to work on. Some ideas are floating…nothing substantial. But it’s been an interesting opportunity to recognize how much of my time writing truly takes up – both the practice of writing itself, and the time spent thinking about it.

Perhaps you’re in the same place: that strange void between projects. Maybe your story is off with an editor or beta and you just can’t really move on it. Do you feel a little stuck? A little like you’re floating without purpose, waiting for the next big thing to start?

My encouragement to all of you this week is to know that it’s okay to embrace the time away. It’s okay to NOT be writing for a while. Certainly, we don’t want this to become a new norm. But like with any job, like with anything at all in life, really, writing is something we need time away from. So in the interest of keeping this blog short, I leave you with this:

It’s completely good and healthy to embrace the times between projects. You are not a poor creator for loving this pause. Fill it with the things writing time lovingly nudged out. Enjoy. And come back refreshed.

Chances are, you needed the pause.

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