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PROMO WEEK: GoScribbler!

Switching things up a bit as I prepare to head out of town for a weekend with family and friends: for this blog, I want to talk to you guys about something that’s been a godsend and a gamechanger for me as a writer.

I think because writing is often such an internalized and solitary pursuit, we tend to think we need to get through it by sheer perseverance and willpower. But the truth is, sometimes we need a boost, something to look forward to that makes our craft FUN again! I was at definitely in a need-for-a-boost phase earlier this year while I was laboring through one of the toughest drafts of my life, just trying to put one word after the other.

That was when I found GoScribbler.


GoScribbler is a monthly loot box for writers. Boxes like these seem to exist for everything under the sun these days, from video games to books to tea, but GoScribbler is the only one for writers, by writers. Curated by authors Victoria Scott and Lindsey Cummings and their amazing team, this box provides writerly goodies every month for a super-affordable cost.


Every GoScribbler box includes:

  1. A behind-the-scenes look at steps in the publishing process, like pitch letters and professional line edits

  2. Member-exclusive chats with professionals including editors and agents

  3. A newly-released novel

  4. Lots of writer goodies! Past months have included a tote bag, writing utensils, notebooks, desk plates, pins, a coffee coaster, A BAG OF COFFEE (which, if you know me, was akin to finding the fountain of youth in a box. Seriously, Scribbler-exclusive writer-themed coffee?? It doesn’t get more awesome than that), and much more!

The boxes are also themed (fight scenes, tension, plot, setting, etc.) and each one features a “passport” full of theme-conquering tips written by the author of that month’s featured book.

But more than what’s in the box, Scribbler also provides an inspiring and inclusive community for its members by helping them connect via social media. The Facebook group for Scribbler subscribers has been one of the best experiences of my life, and for that alone, I’m beyond grateful that this box exists.


Easy-peasy! Visit, sign up for $29.99 per box (or pay 3 months in advance to ensure you don’t miss out), and boom, all you have to do is wait for that mid-month shipping date!

BE WARNED! August boxes are almost sold out at the time of this writing, and September is fast approaching!

I can’t recommend this box enough. Victoria and Lindsey are sweet, dedicated administrators of the Scribbler business, the community is a lifesaver, and the box contents themselves are like Christmas every month. If you haven’t given Scribbler a try yet, go sign up for your box today! If you already are a subscriber, drop a comment letting us know what’s your FAVORITE box and item so far, and why!

(If you want to know more of what GoScribbler is all about, check out past goodies, and moor, you can find them online at:

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