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A Course in Weapons for Writers – PART 2: Blades & Blunts Weapons – by M. C. Torrent (Aka Chief)

I am..ridiculously excited for the existence of this post.

Some weeks ago, I wrote a blog talking about how I’ve really embraced fantasy as my niche genre. Along the same lines, I was joking with my brother recently that my current WIP, while having no real “magic” makes me wants to have a magic sword!

Why? Just because I LOVE. SWORDS. I love how they look, how they function… and how my characters look and sound when they wield them! 😉 Unfortunately, I know many times I’ve misrepresented swordsmanship in my stories due to a lack of knowledge about blades themselves – and a lack of knowing where to even SEARCH for said knowledge!

Luckily, my friend Chirf came to my rescue (as usual). This week I wanted to share her AWESOME, concise and comprehensive summary of swords which she wrote for our CABIN IN THE WOODS ASSOCIATION blog. I know I’ll be saving this for checks and balances as I continue my latest WIP!

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